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We have now received a somewhat small, but very fresh and extremely potent order. According to our supplier(s), we should be receiving these small amounts every few weeks as their finances allow, seeing as how they owe me so much. So I am stuck with this deal and their reasons and problems until they get me completely paid off. I have no choice but to be nice, otherwise, I am sure the "supplier" would simply cut me off completely because he is crawfishing completely on his guarantee. Truth be told I could not afford this large of a loss without being in deep financial trouble with some very good friends of mine as well as causing issues for myself as well. So much for guarantees and paying extra for such guarantees. No doubt the supplier will fulfill his end of the bargain, my only concern being how long it takes. There seems to be no issue getting it imported using this new method but that could change tomorrow. Remember this is a somewhat small supply so first come first served in order of money orders arriving. I am simply happy to have a product that is much better than most products I have seen and tried as of late.

I am now accepting normal money orders as well as USPS money orders. PLEASE do not try to send fake or copied money orders otherwise I will have to return to accepting USPS money orders only. I can spot fake MOs and checks a mile away, so don't even try. I am also working on a solution for accepting credit cards but I cannot share this with anyone yet. Suffice it to say when ordering from my online shop and IF you see the option for using credit cards do so if you wish but PLEASE do NOT use any language that refers to kratom or mitragyna at all...ever. This method must be kept on the down-low, otherwise, credit card payments will disappear. The CC option is not available at this time but will be here shortly or at least I hope it will. I am diligently working on it for sure.

Thanks for your continued loyalty and your support. It is always deeply appreciated. Please know that eGeekiel Products is committed to bringing you the absolute highest quality products at the most affordable prices. We guarantee our products to be completely sanitized, naturally pure, totally raw, and in its freshest state possible. We are known for having some of the best products in the business and we do everything in our power to earn that reputation as a straight up and honest vendor.

If you would like samples we can make that happen. Email or text me for instructions. You may also use our contact form(link at bottom of page)to ask us about how you can get our sampler. It contains 150 to 250 grams of our finest products in 25-35 gram pouches. If you spend 100$ or more on our site, we will include a FREE high-quality cigar if you ask. Within a couple of weeks, we will start including a gift with every order as our way of thanking you for your business. If you need instructions on creating your special dyes and colors please do not hesitate to ask.

We appreciate you and your business and we hope to be hearing from you soon. Please understand that for the next few weeks I will have nothing but sub 100 kilo orders, actually sub 65 kilo orders so until my supplier builds up his finances on his huge loss, I am simply caught in his web of weirdness and simply must be patient until he financially can send me the entire shipment that he owes me. He is fulfilling his end of everything, it's just that he can't do it at once and for this, I am extremely sorry.

Hopefully, good things are coming my way this month once everything has been settled here at home and I can get this snafu worked out with EVERYONE.

Warmest Regards,


PS: If you need to get in touch with me please email  or PM me within KCF using the PM system. I can also be texted at my SMS number which is also listed in KCF. please remember I ONLY do business with KCF members, so if you wish to do business with me you will need to become an active participant of KCF. Joining in easy. Just go to and register per the instructions. Once registered you can then search or look for the eGeekiel section under Kratom Vendors. As always thank you for your loyalty and support and you have my promise that I will continue to bring you the highest quality, competitively priced Kratom available for as long as humanly possible and as long as I can import it legitimately. I do believe that if you check you will find my reputation is above board with 99% of people who know me.



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