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eGeekiel ProductsUPDATES 02/07/2020

Our latest offerings are without a doubt the best products we have had in forever. Fresh as can be and extremely potent, and did I mention great prices. The more you order the better the price. In addition, we have new white strains and others that should be here very shortly

So if you are in need of some high quality, super controlled and with a perfect grind, and the types of relief you are looking for, well your search is over.

Also please note these prices will not be around forever. Due to higher shipping costs, especially USPS prices we will eventually have to start charging for shipping or raise our prices in order to cover our shipping and shipping supplies. We operate on a VERY VERY thin profit margin in order to bring our customers a high-quality product at what we feel is a very very attractive and fair price. We do hope our customers understand this. We still accept USPS money orders only and even business and personal checks from customers we have done a lot of business with us in teh past. We have looked into credit card and e-check solutions but teh fact remains their fees and charges would almost double the prices of our kilos. I would prefer losing a few customers because they feel getting a money order is too difficult as opposed to overcharging other customers forced into using credit cards which increases our cost significantly and is about as reliable as Donald Trump telling the truth.

We appreciate you and your business and we hope to be hearing from you soon. We will always be here for you as long as we are not dead, in prison, or in a coma. We are not some fancy huge supplier, however, we personally care for each and every one of our customers and we will not kill you with overpriced mediocre products.


Remember if you want multiple kilos please make sure you let us know which kilos you want. It's best to add it to a sheet of paper wrapped around your money order with your shipping info BUT you can also email us and let us know as soon as you have mailed your MO. Please note MOs need to be mailed within 5 business days. If we show a MO as incoming it actually holds and substracts stock form our shop which in turn throws off our real-time inventory.

If you would like to see us sell half kilos in teh future please let us know. We are considering doing this, but we do not know if there is a market for it or not. Your feedback is extremely important to us...always.

Warmest Regards,


PS: If you need to get in touch with me please email  or PM mewithin KCF using the PM system. I can also be texted at my SMS number which is also listed in KCF. please remember I ONLY do business with KCF members, so if you wish to do business with me you will need to become an active participant of KCF. Joining in easy. Just go to and register per the instructions. Once registered you can then search or look for the eGeekiel section under Kratom Vendors. As always thank you for your loyalty and support and you have my promise that I will continue to bring you the highest quality, competitively priced product available for as long as humanly possible and as long as I can import it legitimately.



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