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We opened our retail business in 2001. We developed an interest in herbal dyes and colors in 2006 and started hosting a forum for Kratom buyers and users at that time. We are now in our 12th year of hosting and maintaining the forum. We were getting pretty tired of never having the ability to find really great products at great prices so we do what we always have done best. We researched. We sampled. We looked for well over a year to procure suppliers with the highest quality products and a business we could deal with where honesty and mutual respect is what we try to provide. So far this formula has worked well for us.

We are bringing products in from countries such as Indonesia, Sumatra, Borneo, Singapore and yes even Vietnam. Throughout the years and have built up quite a long list of the highest quality suppliers that have the ability to get us some of the highest quality products on the planet. We are small, absolutely, but we are extremely good at what we do, and we try our best to keep our prices affordable and our products at the upper end of the potency spectrum. Any questions you can always visit our thread at https://kcforums.com /Forum/Approved Vendors/eGeekiel or email us at support@egeekiel.com

Ask around and you will find that we are some of the best people in the world to deal with. We will always treat you right. Our products are of the very highest quality. We have some of the lowest prices in the industry. You can count on our honesty and loyalty to our clients. We do go above and beyond for everyone.

US Vendors, if you are looking for a US source for some of the best Kratom available get in touch with us. Looking for a partner then yes we are here for that as well. Need a fulfillment center. We can handle that too. We can provide anywhere from 50 to over 1000 kilos or more every week or so and have it landed at your door in approximately 15-25 days. We import to our facility and then repack and ship to you. We can procure 20 and 25-kilo bales or we can split your order into vacuum-packed kilos. The choice is yours. So no fuss, no muss, just very high quality not associated with eGeekiel in any way. Vacuum packed, tested, and cleaned and shipped door to door via FedEx right here from inside the good old USA. We try to keep our prices as competitive and any you would find overseas and we think we do a pretty good job. There are MINIMUMS when ordering in bulk so keep that in mind. There are also only certain and unique ways to make payment. Once you have placed your order, paid for it, and it is packed, there are additional charges if you wish to make any changes unless it's adding on more units. No order will ship our facility until your payment has cleared our bank and cannot be recalled.

We want and need your business and we will always be here as long as laws, the government, and our finances allow.



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