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Hello Potential and Loyal Customers - Our Secure Encrypted Online Order Form Is Now Available 

Loyal Customers:

We now have an online order form located here or just go to the bottom of this page.  The cart itself is not working at this time BUT the LIVE order form below gives you the ability to place an order via our secure and encrypted email order form. Place your order today and receive every bit of information about your payments and shipping. We have solved teh shipping issue. We will simply add shipping charges and send you a corrected invoice.

This form is simply meant for you to place an order without having to email or PM EGKL. We will always send you a corrected invoice before we collect any payments at all. 

Then, we will always make sure you pay exactly what is required and we will offer discounts when and if we can.

All of the processes we are doing these days costs more money as far as our business is concerned, thereby cutting into our profit margins a bit, yet we ALWAYS do our utmost to make sure you get the best prices and the HIGHEST QUALITTY POTENT products available. We believe IF you read all of our reviews and feedback as of mid March 2021 in our eGeekiel threads you will see just how serious and dedicated we are about providing our customers with the best items available at prices that are as exact and as inexpensive as they can be.

It is extremely hard for us to offer coupons or promo codes because we already give you the best deals possible. On occasion we MAY offer a promo or discount code for certain customers BUT truly, that is not a given at all.

We do not enhance or blend or add anything to our plain leaf VACUUM PACKED products at any time. Neither does our supplier.

YESour products are potent, yes our mitra contents are above the norm, and yes, we have customers beating a path to our door to get these products, howeve this in no way means we have adulterated or enhanced any product. All it takes is one person even implying this, and it hurts our business immensely. We have full and truthful lab reporths that show in no uncertain terms there are no additives or enhancemnments in ANY of our products. Its just that simple.

We deal in strains that are as potent as strains that were available 15 years ago BEFORE the rush on all Kratom products, and not the sub-standard products that most buyers see today and which seems to be the norm across the board. EGKL took almost a year finding and developing partnerships with suppliers that have the best products available and who also believe that cheap ass Kratom is NOT something we wish to deal with. We stayed silent while we developed these relationships and we are proud of the relationships we have made. We prefer being WAY outside the norm and way outside the forces that seem to control the Kratom industry these days. People have become used to mediocre and weak. We are teh absolute opposite of tha.

You are always guaranteed our products are clean, sanitary, and unadulterated.. period. We are not a huge business, we are not an exaggerated business, we dont sell millions in products annually and are not concerned with our final bottom line to any degree. We are simply a small time CLEAN shop that gives our customers something no one else could ever offer. Personal service, great prices, and above all, GREAT products. If that mkes us a threat, then so be it. Run to your local Circle K in Florida for example and pickup a kilo of that zip locked duct taped product. We do not do that al all. If you think we are exaggerating, we have photos of shops in Florida selling these zip locked duct taped packages. We are doing everything in our power toPROVE we want and deserve your business. Our prices may be a little higher, but I promise in this instance you get what you pay for and then some.

Thanks for your business now and in the near future. It is deeply, DEEPLY appreciated. You have our word we will always bring you the very best product we can at any given time.

If you want to subscribe to our newsletter and special deals click the link belo.? We will never ever spam you , and we only send out our newsletter or specials about once every 30-90 days If even then. Normally we just send it when we have new stock or a new exciting product.

Go here for the NEWSLETTER form: EGKL Newsletter Subscription Form 2021


Mike dba eGKL






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